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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone got some cool gifts. XD

Opened all the presents last night along with wrapping 'em. XD It was fun. My dad and brother both did the White Boy Dance to the Peanut Butter Jelly song remix by the Ying Yang Twins. They're craaazeh. I luff 'em though. I kept joking to Brandon that I got him Tightie Whities and Socks when I really got him two packs of Yuugioh cards. Multi-layered my Uncle Grant's and Mommy's Serenity dvds. THAT was fun to watch, dude. XDDDD I'm such an evil little child. I have a new phone! I'll post the number in here later. When it's activated more than likely. It's a camera phone and I have a use for my cell phone charms that I've had for years! Yay! >w<

I also got the Wicked book along with Socrates in Love the novel (as opposed to the manga I have) and the first Princess Ai manga out of three. I want the second volume. >o< I haven't read it yet! I also got some buttons with spiffy fairies on it that are on my bag now. I got a Nintendo DS now, too! With Yugioh Nitemare Troubador too. XD So all in all. Good gifts. I can't wait for my phone to be actvated. <w<;;;; I added all my contacts to it last night Only 1000 text messages a month, boo. ._.;; Oh well~. Unlimited nights and weekends work well anyways. I'm gonna go caroling on Gaia now!...and get my DS back from my brother. &hearts; and Merry Christmas....or hannakuh or kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. XD ~Chi
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