The girl with wings waits in the blue sky..... (djshorty788) wrote,
The girl with wings waits in the blue sky.....

Wow, I can't believe 2005's almost over.

I won't forget a lot of the things that've happened, though. Becoming the coolest flute, a senior, going to prom, getting closer to people and meeting new ones. It's been....a pretty awesome year. Making it to State again, seeing all the people I've looked up to since 9th grade in the band graduate. Getting a new friend and a great book in one night was one of the best times. x3;; I'm really really glad I met Stephanie that night. She's really fucking awesome. Finally turning 18 and once again, staying after school.

Going to Busch Gardens this year was a huge blast. I loved it. XD I wanna go back someday. Prom was okay, too. Lots of things've happened this year, good and bad. Now, here I am. 18 years old, pretty much a legal adult, and a lot more outgoing than I have been.

I kinda wish, though, that I was out someplace for New Years but eh, what can I do? XDDD I dunno where my friends are! Oh well~.

Happy 2006 guys and I hope it's a good year. I know it'll probably be a landmark of a year for me. XD

Lots of ♥ going into a New Year,
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