The girl with wings waits in the blue sky..... (djshorty788) wrote,
The girl with wings waits in the blue sky.....


Tomorrow'll be an awesome day, I know it. x3 Field trip to Charleston, yay! Plus, I will hopefully be getting a new DS game on the way to school tomorrow morning too.

But still. Tomorrow'll be a great day. Don't have to deal with unnescessary stupidity, don't have to deal with MELISSA, don't have to play except for the basketball game....**;; I have a whole day of no real work and it'll be awesome. I can't wait.


My sex change operation got botched! My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch! Now all I've got is a Barbie doll crotch! I've got an angry inch!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch pwns. Catherine got me into them. x3;;;

I should head off.

Tags: field trip, go, omgyay
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