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So today was..........okay. I guess. I felt like crap throughout the whole day and I lost my pencil in English and ruined my bag in Chemistry. I got to goof off in band for the most part 'cause Fox mostly worked with percussion when we were working on Pageant. I wanted to play Saints Hallejuah. ;-; It's such a cool song!

Lunch sucked ass and was boring because A, practically NO ONE was there at the table, and B, it was a B day. D:

I made a looooot progress in my Lunar game though. XD I've beaten 2 out of the 4 dragons thus far. I want to hug and smack Jian upside the head at the same time though.

Air Force Academy Band is gonna be performin' tomorrow, whee! Even if I'm sick, I'm still going to school just for that reason. x3;;; I'm such a goddamn band nerd. I wanna hear 'em play so bad.

I need a new bag and 200 bucks and a hoodie.


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