The girl with wings waits in the blue sky..... (djshorty788) wrote,
The girl with wings waits in the blue sky.....

School was okay. Kinda....nearly started crying during art class because I totally screwed up my still unfinished grid drawing. Add that to all the stress and geh. DX;;;;;

Band was cool. Read through a new piece, played Pageant, exchanged Secret Santa gifts. >w<;; I got bath stuffs from Ashley and they smell so GOOD!

Then I got home a little while ago and check MySpace and saw I had a message.

Kupokii Chhiiii!!! -lurves on- I gots saturday off, but the thing ish I get off work 6am Sat morning, and then got to be at work 6am Sunday we couldnt do much that night..Unless you spent Sunday night..cuz I dun have to be at work till 6pm Mon its till 11.

Or spend monday and tuesday night...since im off tuesday..then youll just have to entertain yourself for a few hours at my house monday night, or sit with me at subway..which could be fun toos o.O!! Then we'd have all Tuesday and most of Wednesday to play!! -boodie downs-

Anywhooz, call me when you read this on me cell phone. *steals the house phone if you must!!* imma run these ideas by me mum and marty and let you know which they settled on. Then we can work on your parents o.o -Conqueorage!- LoobHoog!! Talk to ya lata! ^__^

'Twas from Stephanie, who I wanna spend the night with 'cause she's so awesome and her mommy's cool and it'd be lotsa fun.

I can't wait for this week to be over. It's practically Christmas. Fox is going to Chicago tomorrow per usual. XD

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