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The snow in the air to sing me a lullaby...

Hee. Chi's back. I had a good time over at Stephanie's, even though there wasn't much to do....not that I'm complaining. Finally got to see Pretty Sammy which was cute and also got to see Excel Saga which was FUN. XD Especially the 5th episode.

Also been watching loooots of Sailor Moon....also got to play Fatal Frame. NEVER play that game at night. **;;; Some creepyass shit, holy crap. Anyways, I may not be on much for a bit, again. My uncle's supposed to be coming down today so Chi has to clean up her room. >-<;;; And also take care of the doggies 'cause stupid's in his room with the door closed. Rawr. Oh well.

I really don't wanna go back to school when the time comes. I'm sick of it. x.x;;; But whatever. I haveta, boo.

Steph's mommy loved me. XD;;; She thought I was really cute when I was asleep. It was cool being referred to as 'Chi' the whole time instead of 'Jenny'. I really liked that.

Meanwhile, I really really really wanna see Memoirs of a Geisha when it comes out and I hate the fact that Hoodwinked doesn't come out until JANUARY. DAMMIT. XD

I'm on chapter 4 of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, whee. I'm down to 14 cents on my phone, when'd that happen? o-o;;;

I'm also tired and bored, rawr. Oh well.

I'm done now, kupoku. XD

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